What color should you avoid painting your nails?

Nails.co.uk has uncovered the most and least popular nail colors to wear after analyzing 1.24 million reviews across 890 highly-rated nail polishes on Google Shopping.

Nails.co.uk analyzed 1.24 million reviews of 890 highly rated nail polishes from Google Shopping to determine the most popular and least-popular nail colors.

They have analysed the review scores and the number reviews for the top 10 colors of the 89 most popular products on Google. What they found was:

Green is the nail color most commonly worn.

Green is the color most commonly chosen by people to paint their nail. This makes sense, as it is the most relaxing and restful color for the eye.

Liana Thomson, nails.co.uk’s expert, explains that “Bottega Green” is a shade green that has been sweeping the fashion industry ever since 2021. Since then, every shade of green has appeared in our wardrobes as well as on our nails. This helps to explain why it’s now the most popular color, according to our study.


Yellow is the least-popular nail color.

Yellow is the least common color among the top 10 colors.



Thomson explains that “Orange brings out the brown or red tint of your skin. This is why it’s a popular summer color.”

Grey nails are more common than pink ones.

Grey was the most popular nail colour, with an average rating of 4,53, placing it in third place, five places ahead of pink, which is ranked seventh.

Thomson says that “pale pink is the most popular nail color because it looks so natural on the nailbed.”

In the workplace, subtle shades like pink, nude and white are preferred to bolder colors such as red, yellow and orange.

Thomson explains, “We think that grey is higher on the list as it is a color subtle enough to be worn every day yet different enough to standout from the majority painted nails.”

Below you can find the complete list of nail colors that are most popular according to a study by nails.co.uk.

The Top Ten Traditional Nail Colours

  1. Green
  2. Orange
  3. Grey
  4. Red
  5. Purple
  6. White
  7. Pink
  8. Black
  9. Blue
  10. Yellow


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