How to Give Brides the Best wedding nails

Alice Nali shares her advice for how to make a bride-to-be client happy on her big day.

When your client comes in, her face is filled with joy. She says, “I am getting married.”

You have a mixture of emotions in your head. You can’t help but be excited to do her nails on THE day, yet you also fear making mistakes. The nails of the bride-to-be will appear in every photo and video. They must be flawless. This article will show you how to make the bride-to be happy on her wedding day.

Discover Your Wedding Style

Remember that your nails should enhance the overall look and beauty of the wedding without overshadowing the bride’s dress or other accessories. You may wish to avoid complex or eclectic designs.

To ensure a perfect match, ask the client to send you a photo of the dress or shoes. A dress in ivory would not look good with a nail that is bright white.

Prepare some questions as well to get an idea of what your client wants for her look. Do you prefer a neutral color or a few eye-catching details for her? You can get inspiration from the details of a dress or shoe. Does she prefer long or shorter nails? You are now ready to begin!

Create a schedule

You can start a few months before the wedding depending on your client’s wishes. You can begin by doing exfoliating hand masks and manicures once or twice per month. As the wedding nears, you may want to shorten this time (depending on your client’s skin conditions). You can also start treating the natural nails to encourage them to grow and to make it easier to shape.

A bride-to be may also approach you right before her wedding. After the “interview”, you can opt for an extension or overlay and offer her aftercare tips and advice.

The treatment you need to perform will determine the best time to schedule your client’s last appointment before the big day. You can schedule the final appointment a few days before the big day if you are doing enhancements, or the day of the wedding if you’re doing regular polish or manicure.

Design Ideas

The majority of brides choose to extend or cover their nails. You can suggest a shape depending on the hand of your client. A short or chubby hands may look better with medium length and slender shapes like almond, oval, and ballerina. Always find a solution to make her happy. It is important to make the bride happy, but she will ultimately choose the option that makes her feel the most confident. Nude/Pink nails with sparkly, golden French tips Alice Nali – Nude/pink nails with sparkling, golden French tips

After selecting the shape, you can then decide on the style, depending on the dress and overall look.

The classic French tip in white, with pinks and beiges, is always the most popular and requested. You can choose a classic baby-boomer/ombre look or a milky white.

You can encourage your client to embellish the ring-finger. This finger will be the focus of many pictures.

You can choose to do a glittery-fall-blend or just a bright-glitter-nail. You can also create nail art to match the dress pattern, or add a colorful accent.

Prepare the Nails

It is essential to let the client know that teamwork is required in order to prepare their hands and nails for the magical day. You must combine the treatment at the salon with home commitment. Bridal nail prep guide has some simple suggestions for achieving the best results for her hands. You can also create “convenience kits” for brides, which include a few manicure and enhancement items.

Bridal Nail Prep Guide

  • Use protective gloves when cleaning or doing housework.
  • Apply cuticle oils daily.
  • Use masks and creams to moisturize.
  • Do not bite the cuticles or nails.
  • Do not postpone your appointments.

Tech Tips and Tricks

Create some wedding nail art samples to promote in your social media platforms and keep them at the salon. This will help the bride be better prepared, and give her some ideas about the possible final results.

Avoid applying 3D jewels, pearls or other items that can easily fall off. It may be too late to fix the problem. Use sugar powders or glitter polishes instead to create a long-lasting, sparkly effect.

Use a “test appointment” to create a design that is similar to the one you would like to recreate on the wedding day. The bride will be able to see the result without any pressure and you can make adjustments as needed.

Wedding season has begun! Get ready for love!


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