How to: Create processes within your nail business

Learn how to implement effective business processes for your nail salon from salon owner Jasmine Simms.

What Processes Can You Implement?

Create business processes, whether you are an independent nail technician, or salon owner. This is the best way to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and retention, as well as build your clientele. The process should cover everything from the moment the customer calls to make an appointment, to how you train new employees.

Some of the back-end processes which can make your business run more smoothly include:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • How to offer a manicure service
  • How to make handmade products
  • Facilities management is a term that describes the way in which facilities are managed.
  • employee engagement,
  • A schedule and system of purchasing supplies.
  • How you pack products for retail or delivery
  • And, of course, the way you provide a great experience for your customers.

You can create business processes by identifying tasks that must be completed in order for your company to run smoothly. Then, you need to develop step-by-step directions on how to accomplish your desired result for each task.

There are many different mediums you can use to create processes

When creating business processes that are effective, it is important to consider the way people consume and understand information.

Take the instructions that you have created for your employees and present them in a variety of formats so that they can understand it.

There are many different mediums to help you understand instructions.

  • Written protocols: Seeing the steps written out can eliminate confusion. It also helps to improve their memory when they are written correctly.
  • Audio version of process- Record the steps that need to be performed. Listening to information can help some people remember it.
  • Video of someone performing a business function. It’s a good idea to show the process either in person or virtually by using a “watch and learn” technique.
  • Use diagrams and pictures. Milady textbooks use pictures and detailed captions that show a step of a process. This works well for processes that require physical products.
  • Hands-on learning. You or your staff can practice the steps you have outlined, following them exactly, and word-for-word.

Your processes should be so detailed, that they act as a system for checking and balancing your business. It is easy to pinpoint where something went wrong if your processes were misunderstood, or not executed properly.

Variables in Your Processes

You can achieve consistent results from your business process by keeping certain variables constant.

Some variables that could apply to your business process are:

  • Time Determine the time required to complete each task in your process. This could be the time taken to answer a customer inquiry, to manufacture a new product, or to complete every step of service.
  • Cost – Determine the costs for each step in your process. Included are payroll costs, cost of goods, and operating expenses.
  • Measurements Implement a recipe for any product or service. Avoid the tendency to pour ingredients or cut materials at random for your products and service. Define for each service and product that you create how much product or material to use on average at each step. You will reduce waste and save money by not wasting materials. You will always have a few exceptions, but you will now have a base to work from.
  • Roles & Responsibilities Who’s responsible for completing this task?

It is important to create a business process that will allow you and your staff to deliver consistent products and services. This allows your staff and you to provide consistent products and service, and it allows your customers to develop trust in your work. Consider how you can offer your customers a seamless and consistent service. Also, consider the best ways to implement this in your daily operations.


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