OPI introduces a new Nail Envy Formula with Repair Mode.

OPI’s bestselling Nail Envy Strengthener is getting an upgrade with a new and improved vegan formula and six new colors.

OPI has announced a revolutionary innovation in the nail care industry, Repair mode using patented Ultiplex Technology.

This is the first nail serum to bond nails. Repair Mode goes beyond surface-level strengthening to repair 99% keratin proteins and build 4x stronger nail in only 6 days.

The Revolutionary Repair Mode restores natural nails to optimal condition. The patented Ulti-Plex Technology mimics the structure of natural nails to repair them from the inside, unlike any other product on the market. OPI challenges its fans to reboot their nails using Repair Mode two times a day, for six consecutive days. In less than one week, nails can be restored by 99% Keratin Repair. In less than a weeks time, consumers can get strong nails so that they can show off the latest nail colors, treatments, and trends. The active ingredients in the serum penetrate the nail and create new bonds. This results in stronger, smoother, and repaired nails. Repair Mode protects your nails against the daily effects of living, with 94% protection in only six days from damage to the keratin proteins. Repair Mode is also suitable to be worn over Nail Lacquer and GelColor in two coats.

Nail damage is caused by daily activities such as washing hands, cleaning and showering which breaks down the keratin bond. Sarah Fairneny explains that treating nail damage is a consumer need with a low product satisfaction. Our goal was to develop a technology to repair damaged bonds inside the nail to fight everyday damage and revolutionize nail care. OPI is transforming the nail care category by announcing a breakthrough innovation, Repair Mode with Patented Ulti-Plex Technology.Courtesy of OPI

“Until now nail strengthening products have typically reinforced the nail using polymer film formers to create a protective layer over the top. Fairneny continues, “As soon as you remove the product, the strengthening effect is gone.” “Ulti-Plex Technology penetrates the nail and builds bonds within the damaged Keratin. This restores and protects. Repair Mode, which is similar to the way Plex products revolutionized haircare, is a breakthrough in nail treatments. Repair Mode allows fans to experience the natural state of their nails in only six days.”

OPI’s Nail Invogue Strengthener also gets an upgrade, with a new vegan formula and six brand new colors. Tri-Flex Technology is an exclusive proprietary polymer that coats the surface of the nail creating a liquid layer to reinforce the nail. Nail Envy’s new improved formula provides 95% stronger nails within a week. Biotin, vitamin A, C, and E, as well as calcium, are included in the formula to nourish your nails. Nail Envy protects against splitting, peeling, and chipping of nails. It also strengthens them for stronger, beautiful natural nails. In just one week, 98% consumers said their nails felt nourished, and 94% said they looked instantly better, filling in any ridges.

Fans of Nail Envy can now enjoy the improved formula with color and strength in one. Nail Envy Colour includes eight shades that are suitable for any skin tone. Six new shades, including OPI’s most popular colors Alpine Snow (white), Big Apple Red (red), as well as four exclusive Nail Envy hues with names that suggest strength: Powerful Pink, Tough Luv, All Night Strong, Double Nudey, and Double Nudey (neutral).

Together, Repair Mode and Nail Envy round out the OPI treatment line for strong, beautiful and healthy natural nails. Both Nail Envy and Repair Mode are vegan formulas that are free of animal by-products and 9-free ingredients. They are also clinically tested by nail scientists. Repair Mode can be used to maintain healthy nails. Apply twice daily, one in the morning, and another at night for six days. Nail Envy can be used for any nail type, including thin, weak, soft, and cracked nails. Apply two coats of nail polish on the nails the first time and then one coat for the next five days. Use Repair Mode to repair your nails and then Nail Envy for strength and protection.


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