The 10 most Instagrammable nail trends analyzed 8,645,678 nail selfies on Instagram looking at the hashtags used on each post which link with 100 nail trends.

Instagram is the social media holy grail. Which nail designs have been the most popular? analysed 8,645,678 Instagram nail selfies to find out. They looked at the hashtags that were used in each post, which linked with 100 nail trends.

The most Instagrammable nail designs are neon nails.

Bold neon nails are a great way to channel your inner 80s style. The neon nails were the most popular among the 9.4 millions nail selfies that were analyzed. #neonnails accounts for 18% of all nail selfies analysed, with 1,59 million photos tagged with this hashtag.

Holographic nails is the second biggest nail trend in history. 3D nails were popular at this years Met Gala, with Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Rita Ora rocking 3D bling nail designs.Courtesy of Pexels/Sebastian Balog

Nails discovered that 10% of nail selfies posted on Instagram have #holographicnails as a hashtag. There are 8.6M posts using the hashtag. The holographic nails reflect the light and create a rainbow. Holographic nails have been a popular trend for the past year. Many people want to show off theirs on Instagram.

The most popular manicures are 3D nails.

The hashtag for 3D nails is the third most popular on Instagram, with 6.9M posts. 3D nails were a hit at the Met Gala this year, as Lil Nas X wore 3D bling designs on her nails. Rita Ora, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X also wore 3D bling designs.

Below you can find the list of top 10 nail trends that are most Instagrammable.

3D nails were popular at this years Met Gala, with Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Rita Ora rocking 3D bling nail designs.

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Nail Trends

  1. #neonnails: 1,596,620 posts
  2. #holographicnails 858,665 Posts
  3. 3dnails 693,677 post
  4. #abstractnails 676,540 post
  5. #sparklenails: 585,165 posts
  6. #floralnails: 357,478 posts
  7. #mermaidnails 348,052 comments
  8. #gradientnails: 281,181 posts
  9. #swirlnails: 268,411 posts
  10. #jellynails: 253,986 posts

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