What is the next big nail trend for 2023?

Nail technician Megan Bryant shares what she believes the next big nail trend will be for 2023.

Chrome, glazed, donuts, nails, Hailey Bieber: you’ve probably seen, searched for or used these hashtags in the past and contributed to a viral trend that isn’t slowing down.

Social media has helped to make this style a classic, alongside French tip and classic Red. Everyone and their dog seems to be a fan of iridescent powders for their manicure.


These powders are pigments applied to slightly tacky polishes to create a colored coat or to complement the base color. It’s not well known that nail powders don’t just come in iridescent. The solid colors are also available.

Recently, we can see a slight increase in interest in these products across the pond. Companies such as Nail-Luxe UK are promoting and selling pressed colour palettes. These online palettes are similar to eyeshadows, but are designed for nail technicians. They allow us to enjoy the color-run effect on our nails without having to deal with loose powders or glitter. You can make rainbows and pastel color explosions without any mess.

The UK is generally a little ahead of Australia when it comes down to the latest trends. But with TikTok as our daily news anchor it has become more accessible, and easier to keep up to date.

Aura nails is the latest trend that uses pigment powders. This trend combines a colorful gradient with a solid color base, both carefully chosen and specific for the client to represent their energy. Think mood ring vibes! Aura nails has already received more than 27,000 hashtags on Instagram. Technicians from all over the world have posted and added their own twists.

There are many other ways to use these pigment powders. I predict that ombre nails will be revived and modernized in 2023. This old-school look was bound to come back at some point, and the time is now.

The use of pigment powders to create gradients from dark to light will give a more feminine and minimalistic look to your ombre nails.

It’s obvious that the white acrylic style we are all familiar with and associated with the name ombre needs to be updated. It may not be the most popular product, but this could be just what we need.


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