What Is the Most Therapeutic Aspect of a Salon Visit

conducted a survey of salon-goers across the country to explore the surprising ways that people treat a simple haircut or manicure as a two-in-one therapy session.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, which is approaching in May StyleSeat has conducted a survey to find out how people use a simple manicure or haircut as a therapy session.

In the survey, “stylists” was defined broadly to include hair stylists as well as nail technicians, laser treatment specialists, facialists, and tattoo artists. You may be shocked by their key findings.

Key Findings

  • A majority of people (88%) consider a visit to the salon a relaxing experience.
  • One third of salon goers think their stylist is like a therapist.
  • More than half (55%) of stylists report receiving emotional support from their stylists during appointments.
  • The majority of Americans (52%) have spoken to their stylist about their family members.

What makes a salon visit so therapeutic?

Although many Americans feel emotionally supported during a salon visit, this is not the most common reason for why visits to a salon are therapeutic. Respondents cited the most important reason for salon visits as the positive change in appearance (38%) followed by physical touch and pampering (34%) The respondents also mentioned that it is a respite from the daily stresses (17%), and talking to a hair stylist can relieve stress (11%).

What do clients discuss with their stylist behind the chair?

Many Americans prefer to talk about more personal topics with their stylists, such as travel (58%), pop culture (53%), and beauty/style tips (58%)

Over half of stylists (52%) have spoken to their stylist about family members or children. It’s not just superficial chitchat. Nearly two-fifths (39%) of respondents said they had discussed topics with their stylists that they would not have felt comfortable talking about with friends or family. This could indicate that salon goers see their stylists as non-judgmental, supportive allies.

What about the stylists? Do stylists see their customers as more than simply clients? They do. An astounding 86% of clients report that their stylist shared personal information with the client. This shows that stylists and clients can have a very personal relationship.

Topics Discussed At Salon 

Is it Risky to Treat Your Stylist as a Therapist

Many people were forced to cancel their salon appointments when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They may have missed the pampering, but they also missed therapeutic conversations. StyleSeat found that nearly half of Americans (47%) missed having a conversation with their stylists during the pandemic.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have lost contact with their stylists because they can’t physically visit them. 31% of stylists report that they follow their personal social media accounts, showing that the relationship extends beyond the salon chair.

It’s true that not all conversations with stylists will be pleasant. StyleSeat found that 37% of respondents were worried about awkward conversations or relationships if they discussed too many personal topics. Only 18% of people expressed concern about stylists giving poor advice. However, most respondents said they trusted their stylist and didn’t fear receiving bad advice.

Risks Treating Stylists Like Therapists 

The conclusion of the article is:

Salons can be a haven for those who want more than a simple haircut or manicure. Many Americans use the salon as a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings. They don’t just talk about beauty or style. It’s important that we recognize these safe spaces, and the comfort provided to those who are seeking to have a more in-depth conversation.


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