Unite As One Coalition Announces Know Beauty Secrets Campaign

Know Beauty Secrets – a campaign revealing the tremendous benefits of careers in beauty and wellness – was officially announced at the Beauty Changes Lives Gala, the national non-profit’s annual event.

Beauty Changes Lives launched the Know Beauty Secrets Campaign at their annual Gala held on April 16, 2019.

Ken Paves, one of the most recognized hairstylists in the world, was chosen to present the campaign at the Gala and share his life story. Ken is known for his celebrity clients, his iconic fashion magazine covers, and his philanthropic work.

This innovative campaign allows future beauty professionals to learn from the experiences of salon and spa professionals.

Unite as One is a coalition of 10 associations who have come together to help bring this campaign to life. Each association has identified the greatest challenge that the professional industry faces today – the shortage of newly licensed professionals in salons and spas. It is the first time that all associations have come together to support and advocate the profession.

The beauty and wellness industry has been poorly understood for a long time. This campaign will reveal the “secrets” of these careers and give a peek inside the lives of professionals in the field. The campaign is aimed at Gen Z and will use social media to highlight the various facets of careers.

The perceptions of beauty and wellness are often influenced by those who view this industry as “backup” for university education. The beauty and wellness industry is a growing and vibrant sector that offers many opportunities for advancement and growth. It is also a legitimate and serious career path that requires expertise, skill, and passion.

Phil Horvath of the Beauty Changes Lives Executive Board, who organized the Unite as One Coalition, was asked about the new initiative. He said: “The irony is that the stigma surrounding the beauty and wellness industries is that everyone participates, whether they are getting their hair styled, or trying out a brand new nail polish. The services provided by professionals in the industry require a certain skill set that is honed and mastered by passionate, creative individuals. “We want to show Gen Z the benefits of a beauty career. They can have a flexible, profitable, and stable career that they are proud of.

This campaign is a first attempt to organize and bring together the thousands of salons and spas and the millions of professionals who work in them. It will make it easier for these companies to share their success stories and support the campaign. Beauty Changes Lives provides guidelines, promotional material and social media tools for salon and spa professionals to share their stories effectively and consistently and to support campaign activities.

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