Which generation is most likely to keep up with nail trends?

nails.co.uk manually scraped Pinterest trends on the search term 'Nail trends' across all available countries to uncover the generation most likely to keep up with nail trends.

Which generation is more likely to follow nail trends?

nails.co.uk manually scraped the Pinterest Trends for “Nail Trends” in all countries.

The millennial generation is the most likely to follow beauty trends. On Pinterest, 51% of searches are made by those between 25 and 34 years old. The Gen Z group, which includes those aged 18-24 years, makes up 24% worldwide of all searches. Millennials are the generation most likely to keep up with beauty trends, according to nails.co.uk.

In an interesting twist, Italy was the lone country where Gen Z (aged 25-34) searched more for nail trends than the millennials.

Argentina has the largest percentage of millennials (69%) searching for the newest nail trends. The next highest percentage is Hispanic Latin America (68%), Mexico (66%), and Columbia (63%) with searches for “nail trend” coming from people aged 25-34.

The age group 35-44 was the next in line. Both the US and Canada have the highest percentage of people in this age group searching for nail designs that are trending. The UK is in second place, with 19%.

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