Nail Perfection by Natalie: 5 Bridal and Spring Nail Designs

Discover new spring and bridal sets, tips and trends from Nail Perfection by Natalie.

Wedding bells ring! The bridal season is in full swing as spring arrives. Many bridal parties will want to have their nails done in preparation for the big event.

The minimalist look is all the rage this season. However, there are many ways to show off your talent and create looks to match the season of new growth.

We worked with Natalie (@nailperfectionbynatalie), who is a nail artist and salon owner based in the U.K. Natalie wants to become an educator in the future to help other people learn and grow. We asked Natalie to discuss her favorite designs, trends, and tools in nail art because she is passionate about education.

Natalie began her career in the nail business in 2004 when her mother suggested that she take a course in nail care because she had always been interested in drawing and arts.

When I was young, I always painted my nails with metallic silver and sparkles. Natalie remembers that she took a few courses in nail art and bought a second-hand nail kit to practice at home. “My family and friends were always supportive and would sit with me in the evenings for hours,” Natalie recalls.

Natalie was employed full-time at first, but when her mobile service began to grow, she gave her notice and went self-employed. She rented a desk in a beauty shop for a year. Then, an opportunity to open her own salon arose.

Natalie recalls: “My mother worked with me and I spent hours painting nail designs while building my business.” “I quickly realized that I needed to hire more employees to help me grow my business and rented out my desks.”

Natalie has been in the nail business for 19 years and now owns a salon , Nail Perfection By Natalie.

Gold chrome nail art by Nail Perfection by Natalie Nail Perfection By Natalie: Gold Chrome Nail Art Courtesy of Nail Perfection By Natalie


NAILPRO – What inspires each nail set?

Natalie : I get my inspiration from social media, nail styles and seasons. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle the night with an idea for the next set.

NAILPRO – What is your favorite part about creating bridal/spring nail sets?

Natalie : I always like to create a few different designs for my clients to try out in the lead up to their wedding. This is based on the style and theme. I always think spring and bridal sets are in pastel or nude shades with subtle shimmers.

NAILPRO: Does your client bring in inspiration photos or do you choose a design as you go along? How do you choose what design to create?

Natalie :Sometimes, my clients will send me inspo photos and we’ll pick out a little bit of each one. Other times, we talk and come up with a few initial ideas, such as color schemes, patterns, or something simpler. Sometimes I decide on the design as I work, adding extra detail if my client requests it.

NAILPRO – Do you have any tips and tricks to share for these sets?

Natalie: Keep your brush light when working with thin lines and always buff your surface for chrome. Before applying color or topcoat, buff out any imperfections. White French tips by Nail Perfection by Natalie White French tips by Nail Perfection By NatalieCourtesy Nail Perfection By Natalie

NAILPRO – What are the top tools you use to create spring/bridal nails?

Natalie : The key to a great manicure is soft shades and minimal nail design. Keep a good liner and detail brush, a dotting instrument, and foils or chromes on hand.

NAILPRO – What is your favourite medium for nails?

Natalie : My favorite mediums include gel polish, pigments and gel colors. These products are so versatile and allow for endless designs.

NAILPRO – What are the most popular services you offer?

Natalie :Always gel manicure but recently, a micro-French appears to be back on the rise.

NAILPRO – What do you think is going to be popular in the spring/bridal seasons?

Natalie: Chrome/glazed nails with subtle shades of creams and nudes.

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