Star Wars Nail Designs

Celebrate May the 4th with 8 Star Wars nail designs.

Happy 4th of May!

Star Wars Day is celebrated by Star Wars fans around the world today. You can find nail inspiration for Star Wars fans. Below, we share 8 nail designs that are inspired by the iconic Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Day! May the Force be with you and happy Star Wars day to all!

This nail set featuring Grogu is inspired by “The Mandalorian” and sparkles. Below you can see the products used to create this look.



These galaxy Star Wars nail designs feature Grogu and a Mandalorian Helmet, as well as the iconic Star Wars Logo.



Darth Vader shines in this set of nails, which also includes a sparkling silver base with star nail art.



This nail set features R2D2 as well as the Lars Homestead, Luke Skywalker’s childhood home.



This is the way to get more Mandalorian-inspired nail art.



These nails are inspired by the film that started it all. They feature iconic images from “A New Hope”, including C-3PO, the Millennium Falcon and more.



Who wouldn’t like to see more Mandalorian nail art featuring Din Djarin or Din Grogu. !



This nail set shows Grogu with a Mickey ballon in front of Galaxy’s Edge’s iconic Millennium Falcon. You will also see TIE fighter nail designs on the other fingers if you look closely.


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