How to Spring Clean Your Nail Salon

Nail artist Mallory Mazer shares some tips and tricks to help you get started with spring cleaning at your nail salon.

Spring is a great time to declutter and refresh your workspace. You can start spring cleaning with these tips and tricks.

1. Take Stock

All of your nail tools and implements, such as clippers, files, brush, etc., should be gathered. Look at all your tools to determine if they need to be replaced, deep-cleaned or discarded. Also consider if you can use them with the services that you currently offer.

2. Organize Your Workspace

Organize your workspace so that everything is readily accessible. You can work more efficiently, and you will feel less stressed. Do not forget to clean your bottles, and make sure everything is properly labeled according to your state board regulations.

3. Deep Cleaning

Deep-clean your workspace. Remove dirt and grime from surfaces such as your desk and floor. Dust light fixtures and ventilation vents to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating.

Review Swatches

Make sure you label and organize all your swatches. Remove any swatches that you don’t have and make sure you have all the colors you need.

5. Stock up on Supplies

Restock any supplies that are running low. It’s also a great time to check your products, and ensure they are still within their expiration dates! Make a list.

6. Review your business plan

This can include adjusting your pricing, expanding (or streamlining!) your business. You can adjust your prices, expand (or streamline!) You can do this by adjusting your pricing, expanding (or streamlining!)

7. Update Records

Update all client information and ensure that it is current. You can improve your service to clients and minimize the risk of error by updating client records.

8. Refresh Your Decor

Update your decor for a new, inviting environment. You can do this by adding new artwork, flowers, or menus. Throw out anything that appears worn or dirty.

Follow these tips to ensure your workspace is efficient, organized and ready for spring. Enjoy your spring cleaning!


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