New Year’s Eve nail art tutorial

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This super easy New Year’s Nail Design is perfect for you to recreate and offer your clients.

1a 0 Alex Sclavos’s images from MARS the Salon 1. Paint a “V” in black on the thumb tip.

N1b 2. Apply gold polish to the bottom of your thumb.

N1d 3. Paint a “V” curve in white on the index finger tip.

N1g 4. Draw a “V-shaped” curve on the middle finger tip, and then draw polka dot lines between the lines.

N1i 5. On the ring-finger, draw a “V” curve in black polish. Then, using the white polish between the lines of black, create a “V” reversed.

N1j 6. Use a gold glitter nail polish to fill in the spaces between the lines.

N1l 7. Draw “V” curves on the pinky tip. On the bottom of your pinky, draw a “V”. Use a gold glitter nail varnish.

N Final 8. Apply the top coat.


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