When should your clients complain about their nail service?

What's the best way for clients to let you know they're unhappy?

Should customers tell you right away if they are unhappy with your service or product?

This is the question that was posed when Emily Mosby posted her nail failure on TikTok.

Mosby revealed in her TikTok that she wanted brown French-tips with jewels. Mosby claims that her nail technician refused to put on the gems because they were afraid it would interfere with Mosby’s ability to perform daily parenting tasks. Mosby agreed to have the gems only applied to her ring-finger. The compromise was a far cry away from Mosby’s initial concept for her nails.

Mosby posted her brown nail polish that was bubbly, lumpy, and peeling on TikTok. She explained that she did not want to criticize her nail tech. She added that she had still left her nail tech a $20 tip.

When clients should speak up

Some commenters expressed Mosby’s fear of confronting their nail technicians. The user @itsjustashleyb said, “I find it difficult to say something when confronted because I freeze up.” Some users wondered why clients don’t stand up for themselves after paying a lot of money for services.

Lawren Lee, The Laq Lab owner, told Byrdie that clients should immediately communicate their concerns to their nail technician. Lee says that if you’re not satisfied with the service, you should tell your nail technician. Be clear and express any concerns you have.

Jin Soon Choi is an editorial manicurist, and the founder of JinSoon. She said that clients need to set expectations prior to their service. It’s important to specify the type of work that you want (such as how short or long your nails are, and what shape they should have) before the service begins.

On TikTok the user @tamlynartistry suggested that Mosby’s polish was bubbly because of improper curing. She warned Mosby she could have an allergic reaction to under-cured gel. They wrote that “Gel may appear to be fully cured even at 50%.” Your nail technician’s lamp could be broken.

Mosby returned to the same salon, where she had her nails fixed free of charge. However, she informed her TikTok viewers that she would not return.


Proper curing may have prevented this nail failure, but we cannot help but wonder what would have happened if Mosby had communicated her displeasure in advance. What can you to do prevent your client from posting their nail fail? When should they let you know that they are unhappy? Discuss our Instagram post.

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