How to: Strawberry Cat Eye Nails

Nail artist Jeanette Flores shares her tutorial for creating strawberry cat eye nails perfect for this upcoming summer season.

You can find a super sweet summer nail tutorial here.

Jeanette Flores, a nail artist (@nailartbyjen), shares her method for creating a strawberry cat-eye nail look with products from daily charme.

Follow her tutorial to create the look you want for your clients.

Nail artist Jeanette Flores (@nailartbyjen) shares how she created a strawberry cat eye nail look using products from Daily Charme.Courtest of Jeanette Flores (@nailartbyjen)


  1. Apply a base layer of Cosmopolitan and cure.
  2. Apply a generous amount of whiskers. Do not cure
  3. Start by magnetizing the nail with the Magnet Cylinder Wand. This will push the cat eye shimmers into the center. The cat eye will be at its brightest. Don’t cure if you have trouble with the magnet, and the shimmer disappears instead of moving. You can reset the gel by brushing out the cat eye layer.
  4. Cure the layer quickly once you’ve achieved its maximum shine. You may lose maximum shine if you don’t cure the layer quickly.
  5. Add another layer of Cosmopolitan to the cat eye and cure. In essence, you’re sandwiching the cat-eye. It gives the appearance more depth. This makes the strawberries look stunning.
  6. Draw the strawberry stem toward the cuticle. Cure. Cure. Cover the stem in Lost Forest.
  7. Take a detail brush and dip the tip only in Baby Chicks. Add the seeds of strawberries. Then, wipe away the remaining sticky layer. This will make our sticker stick better.
  8. Stick a flower sticker on the stem. Press the sticker flat.
  9. Then, finish with Diamond Shine Top Coat. The result is a cute and trendy strawberry nail.

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