What nail polish colors did Sofia Richie wear for her wedding?

Manicurist Georgia Rae created Sofia Richie's nail looks for her rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Sofia Richie is an American model, social media personality and fashion designer. She married Elliot Grainge, a music executive, in Antibes on April 22, 2014.

Georgia Rae, a manicurist (@raelondonnails), created two nail designs for Richie’s wedding weekend.


Rae revealed in a TikTok how she created Richie’s two nail looks.

Rae prepped the cuticles and nails on both days using Navy Professional Tool. The nails were then shaped to a soft, square shape for an elegant and timeless look.

Rae considered using a white polish for Richie, but chose a more milky color, applying one coat of OPI Funny Bunny. Rae explains that Richie’s skintone was able to show through the minimal polish, creating almost a custom shade.

Rae applied two coats Sweet Candy breath by Bio Sculpture gel when it was time to say ‘I Do’. Rae says that Richie wanted a pink peachy color, but she still wanted it to be sheer. She loved the way this color complimented Richie’s skintone.

Below you can view Georgia Rae’s TikTok where she reveals all the details about Sofia Richie’s wedding weekend nails.


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